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This elevator pitch example does just that - this pitch centers around solving your problem - addressing the issue, bringing in the solution, and how to solve that problem. JustPark's elevator pitch does this: Let's face it. Parking can be a real nightmare. It can be infuriating to find, extremely pricey and by the time you find that spot you would have lost time, petrol, and caused a lot of unnecessary traffic and pollution. Well, there's an answer, parkatmyhouse.com. We are an. Elevator pitch example #1: Nice and simple Ranchers are often frustrated by the effort it takes to hand-shear their angora alpacas. DroneClip eliminates the need to chase, restrain, and trim these beautiful beasts. For over 5 years, alpaca farmers have trusted DroneClip to provide the best solutions in alpaca ranching Generic Elevator Pitch Example. The following is a standard pitch format that can be applied to almost any situation. My name is <<NAME>>, the CEO of <<COMPANY>>. Our company manufactures <<PRODUCT>> for <<TARGET CUSTOMER>> that allows them to <<YOUR VALUE PROPOSITION>>. Unlike <<OUR COMPETITION>>, we <<PRIMARY COMPETITIVE POINTS OF DIFFERENCE>>. <<CALL to ACTION>> Using this format, here is a Hydrolyzier elevator pitch example The Personal Elevator Pitch . This elevator pitch example can help a candidate stand out in a job interview. An elevator pitch can certainly be about selling a product or a service. Yet, it can also be about selling oneself. For example, the following elevator pitch structure could be used, : Identify your professional person Here are some tagline elevator pitch examples: For a nurse: With my passion for compassion, I think I'm the best nursing fit for helping improve your patient's outlook and livelihood

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An Elevator Pitch is a succinct 20-30 second speech geared to convince someone about a product or company. We've collected some startup elevator pitch examples like Airbnb, Facebook, Buffer, for you to get some inspiration out of it An elevator pitch is just that, a persuasive speech that you use to create interest in a project, idea, or product. A good elevator pitch should last no longer than a short elevator ride of 20 to 30 seconds, hence the name Here are the tips and tactics behind these 7 winning sales pitch examples: Reference past conversations; Start your elevator pitch with a question; Keep it short; Highlight benefits, not features; Anchor your pitch in data; Tell a story; Keep it conversational, not formal; 7 Sales Pitch Examples and Tips Sales Pitch Example #1 - Reference Past Conversation Start-up BW Elevator Pitch: Ohne PowerPoint und in drei Minuten müssen die Start-ups beim Start-up BW Elevator Pitch im Ländle überzeugen. Die Sieger aus den regionalen Pitchings treffen beim Landesfinale Ende Juni in Stuttgart aufeinander. Bis zu 3.000 Euro pro Platzierung stehen auf dem Preisgeldkonto. Startups@Reeperbahn Pitch: Die ganz große Bühne: Fast 500 Investoren, Corporates.

Elevator Pitch Examples: Introduction at a Career Fair/Networking Event wrong I'm a sales executive with over 10 years of experience leading automotive sales teams to victory and delivering extraordinary sales results At some point in their lives, every student should care about having a successful elevator pitch they can pull up with great ease. That's why we've picked out a set of the best elevator pitch examples for students. We're hoping these will help you deliver impressive elevator pitches to further your career when needed Sample of an Elevator Pitch for a New Product. The following is an example of a concise 'Elevator Pitch' describing a new product to a potential licensee or investor. The purpose of the 'Elevator Pitch' is to garner interest and the request for a meeting and additional information from the recipient. The example was used in the licensing of an Automated Pill Crusher developed by our. Elevator Pitch Examples. Here are some examples of successful pitches to give you a feel for how short, succinct, yet powerful an elevator pitch can be. Chargify. The following pitch came from Lance Walley, CEO over at Chargify, a billing software company with a focus on helping clients manage recurring payments

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  1. Elevator Pitch Examples . Use these examples as guidelines in crafting your own elevator pitch. Make sure your speech includes details on your background, as well as what you'd provide an employer with: I recently graduated from college with a degree in communications. I worked on the college newspaper as a reporter, and eventually, as the editor of the arts section. I'm looking for a job that.
  2. What Is An Elevator Pitch? So what exactly is an elevator pitch? In a nutshell it's just what it sounds like: a short, 30-60 second well crafted business pitch telling someone who you are and why they should want to hire you. It's called the elevator pitch because it's meant to represent the amount of time you'd have if you were stuck in an elevator with someone riding from the bottom.
  3. In this article, we share several elevator pitch examples along with tips to help ideate, craft and deliver your personal message. What is an elevator pitch? A personal elevator pitch is a quick summary of yourself. It's named for the amount of time it should take to deliver it—the duration of a short elevator ride (roughly 30 to 60 seconds or 75 words). Elevator pitches are sometimes.
  4. Communications/Customer Service Elevator Pitch Example I recently graduated from university with a degree in English Language and communications. I worked at the university radio station as a reporter and news editor, ever since then I have developed an interest in journalism. I am currently looking for an internship opportunity that will put my journalism skills into play. Note: You can.
  5. Elevator Pitch Example for an Professional Accountant A plumber approached me because while he's a very good plumber he had no idea how to improve the profitability of his business. I set up a simple reporting system for him so his numbers are always up to date, and he can do future forecasting for his business
  6. 5 job interview elevator pitch examples. Elevator pitches don't need to be worrisome or stressful, but rather, perceived as your opening pitch. These examples can help inspire your own speech writing and ensure you are prepared for whatever the interviewer throws your way. You got this! 1. For when you're movin
  7. 5 Elevator pitch examples for entrepreneurs. From ones that get to the point ASAP to ones that expand on the details and grab your attention, there are many ways to phrase your speech. Here, some examples to supercharge your creativity: 1. To ignite interest Hi, my name is [NAME] and my company develops and designs personalized online sales funnels [what your company does]. That means two.

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Elevator pitch examples for accounting Another elevator pitch example for business is a 30 second elevator speech for accountants: My name is _____ and at my Chartered Accounting Business we solve the problems associated with small business cash flows by helping them to focus on the 7 business cash drivers Elevator Pitch Example; Follow-up Sales Pitch Example; PRO-TIP your sales emails. Write emails that get results. Join this sales email boot camp to get tips delivered straight to your inbox. Sign up. 1. Phone Call Sales Pitch Example. Selling products or services over the phone is one of the most popular forms of pitching, but don't let that fool you into thinking it's the easiest.

Here are representatives from 11 small businesses who provided their best elevator pitch examples for business and explained why the pitch has proven effective in their work. 1. Brooklyn Doula: Postpartum doula; Brooklyn, New York The pitch I offer nonjudgemental support throughout pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. Labor doula services, prenatal consults, private childbirth. http://westfallonline.com Learn how to create a great elevator pitch. You want a terrific elevator speech, right? Chris Westfall provides insights into comm.. End your elevator pitch with an ask. The goal of your elevator pitch is to compel someone to take action. Make sure you end your elevator pitch with a simple ask. For example, ask if you can email them your investor deck. Or schedule a product demo. Or request their feedback on your product or company. When to use your elevator pitch. There are.

An elevator pitch template and example for products and businesses. Great for startups. Use it to create an elevator pitch for potential investors, customers Making an effective elevator pitch may seem challenging, but it can be done. One way of learning how to craft a great pitch is to study successful examples, which will set you on the right track for writing your own speech.While an elevator pitch should, of course, be unique to your own set of accomplishments, goals and skills, these examples can be used as a template for your individual pitch You should practice your elevator pitch so often that it feels natural and convincing. Here are four elevator pitch examples to help you craft your own

My elevator pitch actually helped me land my first job out of college. One of my professors had made us write them in class, and I thought the exercise was silly, but it was actually useful. Shortly before graduation, I was at a networking event where several alumni were present, and I ended up meeting Elevator Pitch Examples For Students [April 2020] Read More If you have a new product or service, you'll probably create a sales page with all the details, but you could use your elevator pitch for the description on your Facebook page, your Twitter bio, and even your email signature. In fact, anywhere online where you need a short, snappy intro to what you do, or what you are selling. Book authors, for example, are often told to write a short bio.

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6 examples of amazing elevator pitches . Your elevator pitch or personal summary is one of the most important parts of your CV and SEEK Profile. It needs to be concise, consistent and clear. It should succinctly articulate who you are, what makes you great and what your career aspirations are. You can use the following template and examples as a loose guide to help you write your own killer. Der Elevator Pitch ist eine verbale Selbstpräsentation in aller Kürze. So kurz, dass sie zwischen der Aufzugfahrt vom EG zum 5. Stockwert stattfinden kann. Daher der Name. Ich bin Fotografin. ist kein Elevator Pitch. 3 ELEVATOR PITCH BEISPIELE. Dass ein gut ausgearbeiteter Elevator Pitch das Geschäftsleben enorm erleichtert, ist kein Geheimnis. Wer in der Selbständigkeit nicht in der. This is a elevator pitch PowerPoint presentation examples. This is a one stage process. The stages in this process are business plan, sales pitch, elevator pitch, pitch book, straw man proposal, marketing plan, selling technique. Fashion your plans on our Elevator Pitch PowerPoint Presentation Examples. They will always keep you in contention Elevator Pitch Example For Students. In order to perfect your pitch, you should practice and be confident in it. Below is an example of an elevator pitch you can use that will impress any employer, admissions officer or business executive you come across: Hello, my name is_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, I am currently completing a_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ degree in _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ at Leeds University. I am. Below are 11 sales pitch examples that show you tactical strategies to do it the right way. Win More Deals with the Easiest to Use Sales Software. Installed by Over 1 Million Professionals. GET STARTED NOW . No credit card required. How to Pitch Like a Boss: 11 Strategies in Action STRATEGY 1: Don't you agree? This one's a bait and switch approach that leaves your audience agreeing with.

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An elevator pitch is the term given to any sales pitch that could, in theory, be delivered in the space of a short elevator ride. The idea is that you might find yourself in the elevator with Someone Important who can't, for those twenty or thirty seconds, escape or deflect your attentions - so you can use that time to deliver a sales pitch so utterly compelling that that Person of. Step-by-step guide for how to write the best elevator pitch for job searching, job interviews, networking events, career fairs, and more. Inside: exact steps to follow, 5-minute video tutorial, and proven word-for-word examples so you can make sure your elevator pitch is ready to impress L'elevator pitch ne doit pas devenir un descriptif détaillé de votre produit ou de vos services. Il doit déclencher l'envie de les découvrir plus en profondeur. Après un elevator pitch réussi, ceux qui en ont été témoins doivent revenir vers vous afin d'approfondir ce que vous avez évoqué. L'originalité de votre elevator.

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  1. Elevator pitch voorbeeld voor een product: Hoi, ik ben Albert Bontjer, eigenaar van Bontmakers. Het meeste nepbont voelt als een goedkoop massaproduct, niet als een echt alternatief. Wij maken nepbont voor mode-ontwerpers die het luxe gevoel van bont willen zonder dierenleed. Onze producten worden hier in de regio met de hand gemaakt, 100% vrij van dierenleed en 50% goedkoper dan het origineel.
  2. If you are applying for a production assistant role for a film, you could say a role in production assistance, an opportunity to apply for production assisting skills, or an opportunity to work in the film industry. Elevator Speech Examples 1. Elevator Speech for Research Application. Hi, my name is Samantha Atcheson, and I am a senior Environmental Sciences major. I'm.
  3. g more common. Here are three very different pitches, all of which have been successful over the years. 1. Short and sweet Google organizes the world's information and makes it universally accessible. According.
  4. Elevator Pitch found in: Elevator Pitch Powerpoint Presentation Examples, Elevator Pitch Business Ppt PowerPoint Presentation Infographic Template Professional, Elevator Pitch For Product Ppt PowerPoint Presentation Ideas Brochure.
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The elevator pitch isn't about you. It's about what you can do to serve others. This guide is designed to help you share your WHY so that you can connect with people who believe what you believe. Sharing your WHY allows people to see where you might be a good fit. You never know who is looking for what you have to contribute. The guide is. Elevator Pitch for Students and Interns: A common elevator pitch is for students and interns looking for jobs at a job fair. When meeting a lot of people in a short amount of time, it really really really helps to have a solid elevator pitch for yourself. This could be something like For example, you might give an elevator pitch at a conference and send an email pitch to a prospect before finally giving a comprehensive presentation pitch. A typical sales pitch framework. Whatever the situation, the following framework can work for any pitch: Problem. Lead with the problem that your audience is struggling with like Zuora's sales deck. Back up your claims with data and.

6 of the Best Elevator Pitch Examples for 2019. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of ways to pitch your business to a new investor, a group of customers or an influential association. What we've discovered, however, is that the best elevator pitch examples are the simplest ones. While the majority of these pitch examples demonstrate how to. Industries like SaaS tend to make their elevator pitches complicated or hard to understand, and for this reason, more involved products or services will need a simple pitch. A simple-to-digest. Elevator Pitch: Risiken und Nebenwirkungen. Das größte Risiko ist, die Präsentation spontan zu vermasseln, weil Sie der Kraft Ihrer Argumente nicht trauen. Wenn Sie versuchen, auf die Schnelle noch ein paar Extra-Argumente einzuflechten, verlieren Sie.. Anfänger verlieren dabei gerne auch noch den roten Faden.Heraus kommt dann nur noch Stottern, Stammeln und stimmhaftes Ventilieren It can often be very helpful to take a look at various examples of 30-second elevator pitches. By learning what works in other examples, you can create a template for building your own unique proposal. Whether you are crafting the perfect pitch to explain a product or startup, there are numerous examples that can help serve as effective guidelines. While it is important to have a basic.

EXAMPLE: PITCH . Final elevator pitches from a variety of teams and products. See example . Follow-up . Save it . Save your elevator pitch in a place where your team and stakeholders can easily find it. Share it . Try adding your elevator pitch to your team's Confluence home page or shared physical workspace to give anyone interested at-a-glance info on your project's purpose. Return to. To put the whole elevator pitch sample piece in context, you may not get to let loose your entire elevator pitch example for administrative assistant in one go. Often during an interview or recruiter meeting it will be part of a more natural dialogue. The emphasis I always place is around practicing (aloud) the entire piece, so that when called on to offer your skills list, elevator pitch, etc. Examples of positioning statements/elevator pitch. Example of elevator pitch #1: I am an executive resume writer with 18 years of experience in human resources and career support services. My strengths include personal branding, executive resume writing, and job search coaching. I enjoy teaching and equipping job seekers with all the tools, techniques and career-marketing documents they need. Jeffrey Aguirre Lab's The Elevator Pitch for Scientists has examples of a 15-second introduction and a 30-second poster pitch. The California's Stem Cell Agency recently held a Science Pitch Competition and the contestants' entries are posted. My personal favorites are William Kim, Lina Nih, Mirina Bershteyn, Andrew Goldstein, John Zaia, Deepak Srivastava, and Carrie Micella/Stanley. A real estate agent elevator pitch is a crucial step in building your real estate business. How you respond to the question, what do you do can have a lasting impact on the person you are having a conversation with or it can have little impact. Your elevator pitch is your quick response to someon

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Was für den Elevator Pitch grundlegend und kennzeichnend ist: seine Kürze. Wenn man aber praktisch in no time alles Wichtige überzeugend unterbringen will, muss man sich eingehend Gedanken um den Aufbau und die Struktur des Elevator Pitch machen. Wir zeigen euch, wie der Aufbau am besten funktioniert, welche Fragen ihr euch stellen müsst, und wie euer Elevator Pitch wirklich. Elevator Pitch Examples . An elevator pitch is a short, highly persuasive sales pitch. The term comes from the idea that if you were in an elevator with a potential buyer, investor, or someone whom you need to convince to buy-in to your product or idea (literally or figuratively), you would need to sum up why they should support you in the time it takes to ride the elevator together

L'Elevator Pitch doit donc vous permettre de marquer les « Votre entreprise subit régulièrement des retards de production à cause de vos réceptions fournisseurs tardives alors que notre logiciel vous permettrait de réduire de moitié la durée de vos processus de commandes d'achat et donc vos délais d'approvisionnement contrairement à votre ERP existant dont les processus. The elevator pitch: how to sell yourself in 60 seconds. If you only had 60 seconds to win someone over, how would you do it? Enter the elevator pitch: a quickfire 20-60 second overview of your product, service, project, or solution that gets its name from the average time of an elevator ride. A well-polished elevator pitch is a powerful tool to have in your business communication toolkit. 7 Keys to Writing an Elevator Pitch with Examples. Below are the keys to creating an effective elevator pitch with examples from multiple industries. 1. Make Your Elevator Pitch Short. With elevator pitches brevity and simplicity is the key. Take for example the introductory statement of the elevator pitch of Sandy Lerner, co- founder of Cisco Systems: We network networks. The entire. Be brief: It is crucial to restrict your elevator pitch to about 30 to 60 seconds. Remember, it is not a story about your entire life. It is just a summary of a few key points about your work and career objectives. Speak slowly: In most cases, you will have a limited amount of time to deliver your elevator pitch. Even so, it is important to talk at a slow pace so that your message is clear

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L'elevator pitch può essere utilizzato in particolare quando si incontrano potenziali investitori o clienti e nuovi imprenditori. Ovunque è possibile incontrare persone con cui si può intraprendere un rapporto professionale e saranno molte le situazioni in cui potete utilizzare la vostra presentazione. Spesso si utilizza l'elevator pitch durante le fiere, gli incontri con persone della. Ask yourself what each category of products on your site promises that's specific, pain-focused and exclusive. 4. Your product value propositions. A product value proposition goes, you guessed it, on your product page. Each product within each category needs a specific value proposition. Think back to the Neat Studio Material Dock example above Elevator pitch is a slang term used to describe a brief speech that outlines an idea for a product, service or project. The name comes from the notion that the speech should be delivered in the. An elevator pitch is a quick summary of yourself. It's named after the time it takes to ride an elevator from the bottom to the top of a building— roughly 30 seconds or 75 words. Elevator pitches are sometimes thought to be specific to an idea or a product, but having a pitch to sell yourself as a professional is also a common use Elevator pitch examples Hi, I'm Jonathan, and I design premium, modern websites to help my clients drive sales for their e-commerce businesses. These sites leverage my ten years of experience in the field, and my expertise with platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce. The websites I design typically bring in 200-400% more business for my clients within the first month after launch, and my.

Even though an elevator pitch will be in a constant state of development (while you're in school, at least) it's important that you don't deem creating one as a waste of time. During your formative years as a student, you're constantly evolving and your elevator pitch will, in turn, do the same. Remember that this is okay. Even if it seems to change every month, you'll be practicing. 5 Elevator Pitch Examples By Chris | March 9, 2020 | 0 . How do you present yourself in a professional setting? When time is limited, you can't just leave your words to chance. If you spend a little time thinking ahead, you'll have a 30-second elevator pitch prepared for just such a moment. The reason it's called a 30-second elevator pitch is because you can think about it like this: if. Elevator pitches are sometimes thought to be specific to an idea or a product. However, having a pitch to sell yourself as a professional is also a common instance of use for elevator pitches. Easily apply to jobs with an Indeed Resume. Create your resume. Why Are They Important? It will be useful to have an elevator pitch ready during the interview process because it typically serves as a. Now that we have walked through all of the parts of a great product pitch, let's re-examine our initial SoLoMoFoo storyboard. You can see that we followed the same framework to clearly show the product from a customer-centric lens. SoLoMoFoo in PSB Template. Customize this Example* More options Start my free trial Create an Elevator Pitch* Now It's Your Turn! Now that you are familiar with.

However, it can be difficult to pitch a product service, or idea in such a short period of time without visual aid; as a mere elevator speech might not be enough. This is why it might be useful to make a slide deck that you can show to a potential lead on a smartphone or tablet. We have created a list of the 10 best elevator pitch templates for PowerPoint. These templates can help you create. For agencies, writing a compelling elevator pitch is necessary to sign new clients. See how to write a great pitch with best practices and examples here

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The elevator pitch is a way to articulate the vision so that it can handle the classic elevator test, i.e., can you explain the product's vision of a person in less than two minutes (before the elevator arrives, and you step out)?. It is used to explore, develop and share a product vision. Elevator pitch consists of six parts. For (the product's target market Examples of introductions of yourself or an elevator pitch or a self-introduction is an opportunity to give a targeted company a positive example of information about you. A quick, effective way to create an impressive role in a private commercial (also known as an elevator pitch, personal role, 30-second commercial, etc. Looking for elevator pitch? Dont panic , printable and downloadable free elevator pitch we have created for you Elevator Pitch Examples For Students Luxury Elevator Speech Us31 . 3 Elevator Speech Examples Free Download . Sample Elevator Speech 7 Documents In Pdf . 30 Second Elevator Pitch Speech Youtube . 1 Minute Elevator Speech Authorstream . Elevator Pitch Examples 2 Pdf Format E Database Org . Elevator Pitch Example 2019 Vaultradio Co . Elevator Speech Template Job Seekers Lovely How To Write A. Our free elevator pitch generator is designed to teach you how to make yourself memorable in 15 seconds or less by utilizing for first to parts of our AHEAD technique. Please click on the plus sign to the right of the Attention Grabber and Benefits Statement to expand the boxes and utilize the examples for each component

Elevator Pitch | Noso Patches We make repair and embellishment patches for outdoor and recreational products. Our mission is to partner with large companies and provide them with patches which they can bundle with their products in an effort to extend the lifespan of their gear Proverbially, the elevator pitch is supposed to take place in an elevator but that rarely happens. More typically, you use an elevator pitch when you run into a potential customer at a conference.

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SOME POPULAR EXAMPLES. Some popular elevator pitches that border on tag lines are: UBER: The car-hailing app. SNAPCHAT: People, let's have fun together. PINTEREST: The digital scrapbook service for all your need Elevator pitches typically include: Who the product or service is designed to help; What the product or service does; Why it's needed to solve the problem ; How it solves the problem; From there, the details vary based on what the pitch is described. For people, elevator pitches typically focus on skills and how the person can help someone else (usually a business) accomplish a goal. For a. Click Create a Copy and begin to create your own product pitch! Depending on your idea, you may need to grow your storyboard to more than six cells. Some problems may take 2-3 cells to really explain the context, and that is ok! Gebruik deze sjabloon. Gebruik deze sjabloon. Gebruik deze sjabloon. Gebruik deze sjabloon. Creëer een Elevator Pitch* Footnotes *True story! We originally. An elevator pitch is a brief and detail-rich description of your professional background, qualifications and objectives. Elevator pitches, sometimes called elevator statements or elevator speeches, should be between 20-30 seconds long—the time it takes to ride an elevator—and only give information that will help develop your professional relationship with your listener To be successful in the launch of a food product, you need to pitch your new product to a retail buyer effectively. The retail buyer pitch is more than a standard sales pitch, and it is different from an investor elevator pitch. The retail buyer pitch is an expected component of the food entrepreneur's new product launch plan. It requires significant planning before speaking with a prospective.

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  1. How to build a winning elevator pitch in 7 steps: 1. Define the problem. The most important thing is to identify a problem that is worth solving.If your product or service doesn't solve a problem that potential customers have, you don't have a viable business model.Simple as that
  2. The following guest post is by Craig Malloy, cofounder and CEO of Bloomfire. As simple as it sounds, one of the most difficult challenges I've experienced as a CEO of a new technology company is.
  3. ute, she outlines the problem - people wanting to write but not having the time or focus - and explores.
  4. The Elevator Pitch centres on your product's unique selling point in the marketplace and distills it into a story you can tell in the time it takes to get to your floor. In contrast, the Press Release goes into more detail and focuses on benefits for both the customer and the company. Because of the similarities, at Boost we don't necessarily do both in our discovery workshops. We tend to.
  5. Product Vision Statements (aka Your Elevator Pitch) by Cory Foy. on January 22, 2014. Success. If one were to look at the key elements to success across teams, organizations, groups, even ourselves, one element would be common - a vision of where we are, and where we want to go. Some can be short and sweet, like Amazon's Vision Statement: Our vision is to be earth's most customer centric.
  6. Your elevator pitch is crucial. It communicates your product in a succinct and compelling manner. Great elevator pitches cause people to take action. This framework will help you craft a killer pitch
  7. imize, or avoid. Here is an example. Sales managers can sometimes have concerns with the amount of time it takes to get new sales hires ramped up, that it can be tough to get underperfor

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Take a slide out of these pitch deck examples (B2B + B2CPitch Deck For Entrepreneurs Raising Money For A New20 Stunning Animated Sales Explainer Video Examples WorthFood Truck Business Plan Sample Pages - Black Box BusinessWhy You Need A Personal Marketing Plan [Examples Included]

Elevator Pitch Examples and Creative Personalization Ideas An elevator pitch is a brief 30 to 60 second speech that's meant to introduce who you are and your services or skills to a new contact. An elevator pitch answers the question, What do you do? in a structured and purpose-driven way You'll get much more traction in your elevator pitch then if you just give a job title and a list of products or services. Job Title/Role + Example/Story = Compelling Elevator Pitch. Focus your story on outcomes and you'll do well. Happy hunting and happy networking. Go and think about your elevator pitch. _____ *** These BD Bullets are bite-sized quick videos for accountants and lawyers. Ein Elevator Pitch bezeichnet eine kurze Rede, die von einer Idee für ein Produkt, einer Dienstleistung oder eines Projekts überzeugen soll.Der Namensursprung kommt aus der Geschäftswelt. Genauer geht es um Geschäftsleute, die ihren Chef oder einen Kunden, während der Dauer einer Aufzugfahrt ,von ihrer Idee überzeugen wollen.. Da eine Aufzugfahrt zwischen 20 bis 60 Sekunden beträgt.

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