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The survey interviewed 1,013 Scottish adults aged 16 or over online between the dates of December 11 and 15. The most striking feature is a return to record high levels of support for independence.. The latest YouGov Scottish Independence research shows Yes narrowly ahead of No by 51% to 49%. This is slightly down from the six-point lead (53% to 47%) we saw in August, which was the biggest Yes lead of any YouGov poll

Poll shows Scottish independence support surging to joint

18th poll in a row shows majority for Scottish Independence The first poll on Scottish independence in 2021 has found 57% support for independence from Scottish voters. The poll by SavantaComRes for the unionist leaning Scotsman newspaper is also the 18 th poll in a row to show majority backing for independence Support for Scottish independence and the SNP appears to have dipped with a new poll showing 52 per cent of adults are in favour of breaking up the UK. The research by Survation shows a support for.. ONE in four Scots are still unsure on independence despite another poll pointing to a Yes majority, it has emerged. Research again pointed to most people backing a UK split and the SNP at May's. Scots are backing independence in record-breaking numbers, according to a new poll that shows support for a breakaway is now as high as 58%. The poll, conducted by Savanta ComRes, is the 17th in a..

Scottish independence: Yes 51% - 49% No YouGo

A separate study by Panelbase for the Scot Goes Pop pro-independence website found when those who did not know were excluded, 56% of Scots back independence and 44% are opposed. The poll, which was.. Of the SNP voters who were part of the study, 64 percent also said they would prefer the Scottish Government to prioritise Covid recovery over a referendum. The poll, commissioned by Scottish.. Scotland POLL: Should Boris Johnson call a Scottish independence referendum in 2021? NICOLA STURGEON is continuing to call for a second Scottish independence referendum while Westminster insists.

18th poll in a row shows majority for Scottish Independence

Poll backs Scottish independence again but lead halves to

  1. THE Progress Scotland poll focused on areas of decision-making powers, the economy and currency options in an independent Scotland, in some case repeating questions from previous polls in order to assess trends. Some revealing data and trends emerge from the data
  2. Support for independence is at 51 per cent, according to a new poll. The SavantaComRes poll, in partnership with The Scotsman, paints a virtually unchanged picture, say pollsters, with findings.
  3. Scottish independence polls A rolling average of polls since 2014 shows that support for independence fell in Scotland in the wake of the EU referendum in 2016, despite a majority of Scots voting.
  4. Scottish nationalists are on course to win a record majority in elections for Scotland's devolved parliament that would start a new push for independence, an opinion poll published on Thursday showed
  5. Support for independence has equalled its record level of 58 per cent when undecided voters are excluded, according to a new poll.The research by Savanta ComRes for The Scotsman is the 17th study in
  6. Professor John Curtice stated in January 2012 that polling showed support for independence at between 32% and 38% of the Scottish population—this is a slight decline from 2007, when the Scottish National Party (SNP) first formed the Scottish Government
  7. Polls Repeatedly Show Most Scots Support Independence From The U.K. Disillusionment with British Prime Minister Johnson's handling of the pandemic and Brexit has driven a majority of Scottish.

Survation's new political poll in Scotland shows the Scottish National Party (SNP) retaining its commanding lead in voting intention for the next general election and Scottish Parliament election - however, on the question of another referendum on Scottish independence, the eight point lead for Yes in our November poll has halved to four points The new poll, carried out on behalf of Business for Scotland, comes after a Panelbase poll three weeks ago put support for independence at 52%. The survey, which asked 1070 Scottish residents over..

A clear majority of people would back Scottish independence in a fresh referendum, according to a new poll showing a record level of support. The survey by pollsters Ipsos MORI found that 58 per.. Scottish Independence Party Prominente Unterstützung erhalten bzw. erhielten die Befürworter der Unabhängigkeitsbestrebungen unter anderen von den Schauspielern Sean Connery [28] , Brian Cox und Alan Cumming , dem Historiker Tom Devine [29] , den Schriftstellern Val McDermid und Irvine Welsh und der Modedesignerin Vivienne Westwood Scottish independence Among those who would be likely to vote in an independence referendum, 58% say they would vote Yes while 42% would vote No Scottish independence polls: how opinion has changed since the 2014 referendum - and impact of Brexit and Covid Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP and, more crucially, the latest polling suggest that.

Nicola Sturgeon's coronavirus handling has won over swathe of voters with support for Scottish independence hitting 57 PER CENT, poll finds. Poll shows Nicola Sturgeon has won over many Labour and. Support for Scottish independence is being pushed up because voters don't like Boris Johnson, a new poll suggests.. Analysis of another pro-independence survey shows swing voters are unhappy with.

In 23 polls logged by the What Scotland Thinks website in 2018 and 2019, only one showed a pro-independence, Yes lead, and that was by a narrow 52-48 per cent margin. Five surveys between January and May this year showed the contest level-pegging, or very close. But the last nine polls, since June, have all shown Yes in the lead. Eight of them, by four different polling. Scottish independence polling since the referendum. The first poll after the vote, conducted in October 2014 showed 49 per cent support for Yes and only 45 per cent for No. Since then we have counted 18 polls that have shown a lead for Scottish independence out of 117 polls tracked. The most recent poll to give Yes a lead was in July 2020 by Panelbase which showed 50 per cent in favour with 43.

It's in stark contract to the Prime Minister's polling in Scotland, with Boris Johnson heavily into minus territory. More than three quarters of Scots (76%) are dissatisfied with the job he is doing, compared to less than a fifth (19%) who are happy with him, giving the PM an approval score of -58. The poll's findings on the constitutional question are the latest to show majority support. LONDON: Scottish nationalists are on course to win a record majority in elections for Scotland's devolved parliament that would start a new push for independence, an opinion poll published on. A second Scottish independence referendum should not take place until around 2055 as such votes should only be once in a generation events, Boris Johnson has suggested. The Prime Minister. The first sustained polling lead for Independence, with as many Yes-favourable polls in 2020 as in the whole nine years previously, adds to the large pile of reasons 2020 was a remarkable year. Scottish Parliamen Scottish independence has never been so certain, Sturgeon tells SNP. First minister tells conference her main focus is Covid-19 but independence is 'in clear sight' Published: 28 Nov 2020.

Support for Scottish independence has nudged ahead of support for the Union over a sustained period of opinion polling, according to expert Professor Sir John Curtice.. A Panelbase poll in the Sunday Times had support for a Yes vote in an independence referendum at 54% and support for No at 46%. It also found strong backing for Nicola Sturgeon's handling of the coronavirus crisis, with the. Support for Scottish independence is at the highest level ever recorded, according to a new poll. The poll, by Ipsos MORI, found that 58 percent of people in Scotland who have made up their mind would vote Yes, with 42 percent saying they would vote No.That's the highest level of support for Scottish independence that has ever been recorded

Latest Scottish independence poll shows most Scots back

Billions of pounds wiped from value of Scottish firms

'Loathing' of Boris Johnson fueling surge in support for Scottish independence: Poll October 30, 2020 4:00 am By Charlie Cooper Support for Scottish independence at highest ever level: Poll October 14, 2020 3:08 pm By Andrew McDonald Leader of Scottish Conservatives resigns July 30, 2020 7:05 pm By Andrew McDonald Boris Johnson heckled as he makes case against Scottish independence July 23. More than half of Scots now back independence, according to a new poll which found 54% in support. Think tank Business for Scotland commissioned the Panelbase survey, which questioned 1,070 Scots aged over 16 and found 54% back Scotland leaving the UK, while 46% oppose it. Undecided respondents were removed from the figures and accounted for 7% of those surveyed. When they are included in the.

Support For Scottish Independence Is Growing, Partly Due To U.K.'s COVID-19 Response Recent polls show consistent support among Scots for leaving Great Britain. Many in Scotland think Prime. Scottish voters would vote for independence from the United Kingdom, according to a poll by Michael Ashcroft, the first major published survey to show a lead for independence since March 2017

Independence: Poll shows 58% of Scots back breakaway from

Scottish independence support ahead in polls for 'sustained period' Polling expert Sir John Curtice said there was also strong support for the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon's handling of the. The poll for the Times newspaper found that 53% of people would vote for Scottish independence in a referendum, up 2 percentage points from January and the highest level of support for. 83% of Scots more likely to support independence due to Boris Johnson. Our August Panelbase poll proved to be one of the most interesting political polls in Scottish history. It found 55% support for Scottish independence, reversing the 2014 referendum result and sending shockwaves throughout political society. An extensive poll, many of the questions had the goal of simply directing our. A NEW opinion poll has suggested support for Scottish independence is at 56% and the SNP is on course to win a majority in next year's Scottish Parliament election. The Ipsos MORI poll for STV found of those likely to vote in an independence referendum, 56% of those expressing a voting intention said they would vote Yes and 44% said they would vote No

Scottish referendum poll tracker. On 18 September 2014 millions of Scots will vote on whether they want their country to become independent or remain part of the United Kingdom The first half of this year has also seen strong and sustained support for Scottish independence in numbers not seen since the 2014 referendum, when 55.3 per cent of Scots voted to stay in the U.K Another poll, commissioned by the billionaire Conservative donor Michael Ashcroft, suggested that Support for Scottish independence has been edging toward the 50 percent mark since September.

Poll: Scottish independence support still narrowly ahead

Scottish independence support at record high of 58%, new poll suggests Nicola Sturgeon's leadership approval rating was also the highest among UK leaders in the Ipsos MORI survey, with a net. Scottish independence polls: How attitudes have changed since the 2014 referendum, according to the latest polling Recent polls have suggested the most sustained lead for those backing Scottish. Asked how they would vote in such a contest, 46% said they would vote Yes to independence, and 43% No. Excluding those who say they don't know or wouldn't vote, this amounts to a lead of 52% to 48% for an independent Scotland. This is the first lead for independence in a published poll since an Ipsos MORI survey in March 2017, and the biggest lead since a spate of polls in June 2016. The Scottish independence referendum in 2014 resulted in a narrow 55 per cent vote for 'No' to independence and 45 per cent voting 'Yes'.. But according to a Panelbase poll published in the Sunday.

Nicola Sturgeon handed devastating blow over 2021 Scottish

Scotland POLL: Should Boris Johnson call a Scottish

Support for Scottish independence has increased to 58%, a new poll suggests, continuing an upward trend in recent months.The new survey of 1,045 people by Ipsos MORI for STV is the latest in a lin Scottish independence referendum result from the BBC. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Find out more about page archiving

Scottish independence poll shows Yes lead has narrowed but

Scottish independence: New poll shows record support for

75% of respondents to a poll conducted by Survation in October said they would support Scottish independence if they felt it would be positive for the Scottish economy Scottish voters would back independence and they want another referendum in the next two years, a poll published on Monday showed, indicating that the United Kingdom could be wrenched apart. LONDON. Support for Scottish independence continues to be the majority opinion in Scotland, according to the latest poll released on Friday. Survey found that 53% back independence, with 47% against Scots are more likely to have shifted towards remaining part of the UK rather than backing Scottish independence, according to the results of a secretive poll

Scottish independence: Secret UK polling puts Yes support

Scottish independence has never been so certain, Sturgeon

Polls like the one we saw yesterday on Scottish independence are often referred to as wake up calls. But if anyone hasn't woken up yet, it's only because they've been pressing the snooze button. That's what it feels like for many of us in Scotland as we watch poll after poll signal the end of the UK, while colleagues in the Labour Party in the rest of the UK struggle to find a voice in the debate or don't engage with it at all Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard referenced a Survation poll commissioned by his party, saying: We learnt from polling just last month that four out of five Scottish voters - including almost two thirds of SNP supporters - want the Scottish Government to prioritise the recovery from the public health and economic crises over a second independence referendum

An Introduction to Scottish Independence | HuffPostAll About the Base: US Worried Brexit Will Mean Loss of US

Video: Highest Ever Poll Total Predicting Scottish Independence

In a recent poll from The Scotsman/Savanta ComRes, results showed support for a second independence referendum growing. With don't knows excluded, 58% of voters said they would now vote. Support for Scottish independence has hit 55 per cent despite Boris Johnson's efforts to defend the Union. The new Panelbase poll shows a reversal of the 2014 referendum result which ended - with.. At the bottom of this page are the most recent 2021 Scottish Parliament election polls for the next Scottish Parliament election ordered from newest to oldest. These polls should be used in conjunction with the Scottish Parliament swingometer. Constituency Polls. SNP. Conservative. Labour. Liberal Democrat. Green . Last Day of Field Work Pollster / Client Sample Size Weight SNP CON LAB LD GRN. In a recent poll from The Scotsman/Savanta ComRes, results showed support for a second independence referendum growing. With don't knows excluded, 58% of voters said they would now vote yes for..

Scottish Independence Latest Poll: 74% of Scot Expats in

While 51.9% of British voters had opted for Brexit at the 2016 referendum, 62% of the Scottish electorate had opposed the UK's withdrawal from the EU. On Saturday, Sturgeon repeated earlier calls for a new referendum on independence for Scotland, after the one her camp lost in 2014, when 55% of Scottish voters said No to independence POLL: Should Scotland Be an Independent Country? By TIME Staff September 16, 2014 3:00 AM EDT T he Scottish people will vote Thursday on whether or not to declare independence from the United. Meanwhile, a majority of Scots continue to support Scottish independence, with the latest survey putting support for 'Yes' at 57 per cent and 'No' at 43 per cent. A new poll by Savanta ComRes has found 57 per cent of Scots back independence while 43 per cent back staying part of the UK . The poll numbers are likely to prompt alarm bells in Labour and Conservative headquarters. They suggest the. Welcome! Log into your account. your username. your passwor

Support for Scottish independence has sustained a majority despite a rise in coronavirus cases, according to a new survey. The poll by Survation shows 53% in favour of breaking with the union, with 47% against. It is the latest in a series of surveys since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic showing a majority of Scots in favour of. Another Scottish independence referendum should not take place for a generation, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Sunday (3 January), as Scotland's leader renewed calls for a fresh vote. Progress Scotland has published the first findings from its inaugural large-scale opinion poll showing that Brexit is the biggest single factor impacting on views towards Scottish independence. More than 2,000 people took part in the poll conducted for for Progress Scotland by Survation between 15th and 21st of March 2019 The issue of Scottish independence is set to be a major theme in British politics next year as the country's biggest parties try to arrest rising support for ending the three-centuries-old United..

Poll finds Scots would vote for independence if BorisLabour for Independence - WikipediaThousands of pro-independence supporters march throughNicola Sturgeon says 'Scottish independence lies in theBBC's Mishal Husain to join Today | Media | The Guardian

Support for Scottish independence has reached a record high of 55%, according to a new poll. The latest research by Panelbase found the results of the 2014 independence referendum - when 55% of. The British government did agree to allow Scotland's independence referendum, but is campaigning doggedly for a no vote. In a very rare show of unity, all three of the UK's major political parties have joined in the Better Together campaign to talk Scotland out of secession Polling companies overestimated the Yes vote in 2014, and the argument for Scotland being financially independent from England has significantly weakened now that North Sea oil tax incomes are a quarter of what they were in 2013/2014 when campaigning was happening.. Looking at the actual most recent poll, while Yes is in the lead, the group of people pushing it over the edge are the group. Support for Scottish independence has surged and the SNP are heading for a landslide victory at next year's Holyrood election, according to a new poll. by Derek Healey July 5 2020, 4.18pm Updated. A spokesman for the Scottish Conservatives said: As we continue to fight a global pandemic, the last thing Scotland needs is the uncertainty and division of another independence referendum. The poll also asked about Westminster voting intention, with results suggesting support for the SNP was at 52%, Labour at 20%, the Conservatives at 18% and the Liberal Democrats at 8%

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